The Story of Heaven and Earth

In the beginning …. I believe I was born green.  I was further influenced by my surroundings spending time outdoors in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California with my family while growing up. My grandmother, Hattie, had a huge effect on me by sharing her love of plants, taking my sisters and me berry picking in the woods,  skinny dipping,  and encouraging me to keep busy doing something with my hands.

I came of age during the 60s and 70s and the ‘back to nature’ movement of the times continued to shape my beliefs. I can still recall walking into my first herb store more than thirty years ago an being completely hooked. The smell, the textures, the small bottles full of oils and tinctures, and the delightful jars of all natural products to put on the body. 

As a young woman I acquired a natural foods store where I continued to learn about health and well being. I was then and am now convinced that natural eating/living is the way to go. It made sense to me that if I put good things into my body that I would put good things on the outside as well. Throughout my life nature has continued to be my teacher.

I have been making all natural body products for more than twenty years for myself, my family and my friends. About twelve years ago I started making soap with my daughter, Catalina, and loved it. Since that time I have sold the soap and body products locally and have had such good success that it was time to share with the world at large. Here you will find some truly fabulous all natural body products made with love and care.

I conduct my business in a socially responsible manner. I am a believer in “Think globally act locally.” I buy almost exclusively from the west coast of the United States as I live in California. The less distance everything has to travel to get here the less cost to the environment which means all of us.  Every person matters. Each transaction makes a difference. All products are minimally processed and minimally packaged. This keeps in line with my belief in the art of simpling and living green.  I use the finest natural ingredients. I use organic when possible. All products are cruelty free. All products are made in small batches to insure the highest quality.

All of these products have been years in the making.  What you will experience is not just the bar of soap, with a jar of crème or tube of lip balm, but everything that led up to it.