All of Heaven and Earth Soaps are made in the ‘cold process method’ with nutrient rich vegetable oils. The cold process method is remarkably different from the method employed by the commercial soap industry. The oils are heated only to melting point. At eighty degrees the oils are combined with the water and sodium hydroxide which has cooled to the same temperature. The mixture is stirred constantly until ‘tracing’ (a kind of thickening) occurs. This can take an hour or more. When the mixture has traced essential oils and botanicals are added. The soap is then poured in to wooden molds. It is tightly covered and insulated. The saponification process has just begun. Over the next twenty-four hours the soap continues this process. When the soap is uncovered it is removed from the mold and cut into individual bars. The bars are placed on shelves to naturally cure in the mountain air that blows gently through the windows in the ‘soap room’. As it cures it becomes much more mild and significantly harder which makes it a longer lasting bar. A large amount of glycerin is present in soap made in this manner which is a wonderful moisturizer for you skin.

These are luxurious bars of soap. Handmade and hand cut.

Each bar of soap weighs 5.0 to 6.5 ounces / 140-185 grams.